time to completion: a true one-year MA program

WLU’s MA program is designed so that students all are able to finish their MA within one year.  Other programs may say they are a ‘one year’ or ‘two year’ program, but all too frequently have students who fail to complete within program timelines. We have a perfect time-to-completion record:  while we have had two students in 6 years withdraw, we have not had any student go beyond 3 semesters to complete their MA.  We designed the program so that students get started on their MRP in the Winter Term as part of the MA Research Seminar, under the guidance of a faculty advisor and the leader of the Seminar.  Projects are well on their way by the start of spring term, and complete by beginning of August.

Structure of the one-year MA in Philosophy at WLU:

• 3 courses

• 2 courses plus
• MA Research Seminar

• Major Research Paper