Student MRP Projects

To give you an idea of what our students have been up to in the past few years, here are some MRP project titles:

  • Explanation: A Linguistic Approach
  • The Limits of Liberal Multiculturalism
  • Subtle Survival: Personal Identity, Rehabilitation and Responsibility
  • Love and Being “In Love”: The Social Solution to Jean Paul Sartre’s Problem of Love
  • Aristotle, Sexual Excellence and Sadomasochism
  • Ethicism and the ‘Rape Joke’: The Dark Side of Making Light of Rape
  • Nietzsche’s Interpretation of Socrates
  • Michel Foucault’s Politics of Ourselves:  A Life and a Practice
  • Metaphysics and Justification of Rhetoric in the African-American Vernacular Tradition
  • Hacker’s Davidson
  • On Separateness and Tolerance:  Cultural Difference and Human Rights
  • Carl Schmitt and the Problem of Emergency Powers
  • Weakness of Will:  Fragmentation, Roles and Overattribution

This year’s cohort is working in philosophy of mind (emergence), environmental ethics, Nietzsche, Wittgenstein, Rawls, philosophy of race, metaphysics of personal identity. See the MA Conference schedule  for their topics.