PhD program placements and other post-MA pursuits

Students from Laurier’s MA program have been accepted into PhD programs at:

  • Calgary
  • Emory
  • McGill
  • McMaster
  • Ottawa
  • Queen’s
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Waterloo
  • Western Ontario
  • York

Other students have gone from their Philosophy MA to other degrees:

  • law school
  • MA in CAST at WLU, PhD in Cross-Faculty Inquiry at UBC
  • MA in Political Science at University of Toronto
  • MA in Archival Studies at UBC
  • Faculty of Education at York, PhD in Social and Political Thought at York
  • MA in Social Justice and Equity Studies at Brock
  • PhD in English at UWO, Centre for Theory and Criticism, UWO

Our students have gone on to law, education, public service, teaching ESL, teaching philosophy, publishing, internet registry, sommeliership. One former student is a newspaper columnist (hope to see his work linked via ‘alumni updates’ page soon), another is working for the Council of Ministers of
Education (also need your alumni news!). Some have taken off and travelled farther afield: to Scotland, to Chile, to Korea. See more stories and information in the alumni news section.  More updates there coming soon.

All of this since our first class, 2008.

If you are an MA alumnus, we’d love to hear from you!  Wet would love to have news from you to post, and can set you up as a guest blogger.


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