Update from alum Andrew Parker

Hello WLU Philosophy!

I have just completed my second year as a PhD candidate at York University. After catching the teaching bug at WLU in my capacity as a Teaching Assistant, I applied and was accept at York for their Bachelor of Education program. As a teaching candidate I got the opportunity to teach in two different secondary schools in York Region.

While looking for work as a teacher in Ontario (my ‘teachables’ are Political Science and Philosophy), I sent out a version based on my major research paper that I wrote during my time at WLU.

That paper was accepted at several conferences. And had it not been for the research seminar, I would not have been as prepared as I was. I was still REALLY nervous presenting! But the seminar- then lead by Professor Campbell- was a great window into how these scary things called ‘conferences’ sometimes go… AND, more importantly, how important it is to have a collection of different people who are interested in helping motivate someone else’s work.

I do believe that as a result of the work both I and the faculty put into my development that I am presently in a PhD program. (I could offer a plethora examples of how each course came up later in different situations… but that would be FAR too long!)

In my private life, my partner Tam Nguyen and I are now married 🙂

We met while I was yet an undergrad at WLU- so WLU is home in many ways!


One Comment on “Update from alum Andrew Parker”

  1. Neil Campbell says:

    Great to hear from you Andrew! Congrats on getting married and on the progress in your studies. Keep up the good work!

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