Update from Andria Bianchi

Shortly after completing the Laurier Philosophy MA program I obtained a full time position at the Royal Bank of Canada’s head office in Toronto. My initial position was dedicated to working on contracts, however after one year I bumped up to a project manager role. This role was incredibly fulfilling, as I learned a vast amount of information about the business world (something which I initially knew nothing about!), worked with intelligent individuals who were able to succeed in the competitive financial industry, and developed strong networking and presentation skills.

Although this was a positive experience, I thoroughly missed the world of academia. I considered doing various things, such as attending law school or completing an MBA, but I could not seem to escape the idea of pursuing a PhD in Philosophy. That being said, I have recently commenced my PhD in Philosophy at the University of Waterloo (just down the street!). I am having a phenomenal experience so far. The program structure is fantastic, my colleagues are friendly, and the faculty is welcoming and supportive. I am currently interested in exploring topics of bioethics such as personhood/personal identity (especially regarding individuals with mental illnesses), decision-making capacities (re: medical treatments and end-of-life care), and autonomy.

I will always value my MA experience at Laurier. The classes were amazing, my colleagues were supportive, and the department has a diverse faculty who are leaders in various fields of philosophical inquiry. All of these things contributed to my persistent desire to continue exploring philosophy as a doctoral student. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a positive learning experience in Philosophy at the Master’s level. Thank you Laurier!


Andria Bianchi


One Comment on “Update from Andria Bianchi”

  1. Neil Campbell says:

    Great to hear from you Andria! Many congrats on your recent success–especially starting the PhD program at Waterloo! Since you are just down the road, please do stop in to say “hi” on occasion.

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