Update from Karl Laderoute (2008-2009)

After finishing my MA at Laurier in 2009 I went directly into my PhD studies at McMaster. My time at Laurier was excellent preparation for my further studies and it was also a wonderfully fun time, as everyone was incredibly friendly and helpful. While completing my PhD I got married to my absolutely wonderful wife, and I traveled to Germany, England, Edmonton, Victoria, and some locations in Ontario sight-seeing and presenting research papers.

I completed my PhD at the end of summer 2013. My dissertation was on Nietzsche, an interest that was sparked by a fourth year philosophy seminar taught by Renato Cristi at none other than Laurier! My masters research also focused on Nietzsche, but my research focus has shifted to other aspects of his thought over time. During this past year I taught philosophy at Trent University, and I have just taken up a Visiting Assistant Professor position at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta. I still fondly look back at my time at Laurier as both an undergraduate and graduate student. I think it’s safe to say that the wonderful classes I had there instilled in me the desire to become a professor myself and recreate those wonderful classroom experiences for other students.


One Comment on “Update from Karl Laderoute (2008-2009)”

  1. Neil Campbell says:

    Great to hear from you Karl! Congrats on getting married, completing the PhD, and for getting your first job! You have done us all proud!

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