News from MA alum Rob Armstrong, class of 09/10

My call for news to the class of 09/10 has been answered by none other than Rob Armstrong, who sends the following update:Image

I’ve just finished up my third year of my PhD in Calgary, apparently that LL went by quite fast. Since my time at WLU I’ve shifted the focus of my research from mind and language to political and legal philosophy, but this shift is as much due to my experiences in the Laurier Philosophy MA as it is due to restarting my life on the other side of the continent in a new department. I still keep in touch (not as often as I would like) with the folks in Waterloo, and the courses and conversations with the faculty and students continue to have an impact on both my life and my research. Being in Calgary for a few years means I’ve spent a bit of time in the mountains skiing and hiking and such (though again, not as often as I probably should be). I have completed my exams and defended candidacy now, and am now working on this “dissertation”thing. I’ve been given the opportunity to teach my own course this coming year, so right now I’m putting together a syllabus for that. I have a few side projects that don’t get enough time; some are related to my research from my time in the MA program, and some are with folks from the WLU MA (Hi Doug! Hi Andrew!). Hopefully the next year or two will leave me with enough time to do all of the projects I want to do while still finishing this dissertation business.

I cannot overstate how important the time I spent at WLU has been now that I have continued on to the PhD. The courses I took at WLU, both graduate and undergraduate, have all played a role in getting me where I am today. I am grateful for the time I spent, the support I received, and the friends that I made at WLU, and I look forward to my next visit to Waterloo.

Cheers all.


Rob, we’re tearing up over here. Not because of your kind words about your time at WLU, but because those mountains look so great from the flatness over here…just kidding! While I do desperately want to import some mountains to SW Ontario, we really do appreciate your kind words, and are pleased to hear all is going well for you.  Congratulations on successful defense of your dissertation proposal. Fill me in on that course you’re designing this summer, I’d like to hear about it when you’ve got it done. Also that ‘dissertating stuff’ and your side projects. Cheers, Jill


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