News from recent graduate, Aaron Roberts, class of 12/13

Since completing the Laurier Philosophy MA program I have been living and working in South Korea as an ESL teacher for elementary school children. I taught grades 1-6. I just completed my one year contract in February. It was a great experience both professionally and culturally. It was very interesting to spend some time living in another culture, in this case one with Confusionism at its core rather than a Christianity based culture as we have in the West. When I wasn’t working I was able to travel both within Korea and without. Since leaving for Korea I have also spent time in Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and Myanmar and I will be hitting Cambodia, Laos India, Turkey, Hungary and Czech Republic before returning home in June. I was able to afford all of this travel through wages earned teaching English in Korea! Upon my return to Canada I intend to apply to law school and continue my studies in that vein, perhaps with a specialisation in the laws surrounding medical ethics.

Aaron thoughful aaron classroom


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