News from recent graduate, Michael Owsiany, class of 12/13

Michael recently sent us the following update:

Things are going well. I’m still at Queen’s for law school, scheduled to graduate April 2015. I worked at a small law office last summer that focuses on real estate law and civil litigation. The areas of practice I’ve developed an interest in so far are real estate, corporate, labour and employment, immigration, and litigation. I hope to article at a firm with a wide range of practice areas where I can give them all a test drive and see what they’re really about. This summer I’m looking into traveling to Israel and Europe, although I might hear back shortly about some job opportunities (and I’ll let you know if I do).
I’ve kept busy this school year with practical coursework. I spend one day a week as a student caseworker at a legal clinic in Belleville, where I assist clients in appealing denials from the Ontario Disability Support Program. This semester I was also on the Queen’s team for the Canadian Corporate and Securities Law Moot, where the team performed very well and wrote a great factum, but unfortunately didn’t win the competition.
Next year I’m hoping to take some paper-based courses where I can take a more open and philosophical approach to legal issues. I still think back very fondly about my time studying philosophy at Laurier. The in-class experience certainly beats that found at law school!

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