News from Marco Maestrello, class of 08/09

We just heard from Marco Maestrello, a graduate from our MA program in ’09, who is now working on his PhD over at McMaster.  Marco writes:

The term paper I wrote for Neil’s graduate class on causality has recently been published (so thanks for that class again Neil!)…
“An Argument for a Quasi-Dretskian Approach to Causal Explanation” in the Croatian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. XIII, No. 39,  2013.
Additionally, I will be presenting “Discursive failures and the phenomenology of mental illness” at this years Canadian Bioethics Society Conference in Vancouver.
I am also tentatively presenting “Mo-power: Foucault, prostates and hairy faces” at this years CPA conference in St.Catherines (subject to final scheduling).
Thanks for dropping a line, Marco.  It is great to hear about your scholarly accomplishments. I will be attending the intriguingly titled Mo-power paper if I can in St. Catherine’s!

One Comment on “News from Marco Maestrello, class of 08/09”

  1. marcomaestrello says:

    Starting up a little casual blog of my own. Feel free to stop on by and waste some time….

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