Calling the class of 09/10…

Send us news of what you are working on! I happen to know that you are a busy lot, currently pursuing PhDs at Calgary, McGill, Waterloo, Western, McMaster, York–so many of you have gone on to further degrees.  We want to know what you are working on/reading/writing now. Drop a line!

I do have these tidbits, please do fill us in on the further details:

Nicole Ramsoomair (McGill) gave a talk last month: “Hateful Exclusions” Birkbeck College, London

Cathy Gee (Waterloo) has a paper forthcoming “The Role of Emotional Intuitions in Moral Judgments and Decisions,” in the Journal of Cognition and Neuroethics.

Class of 09/10, we want to hear from you.


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