Alumni news: update from Doug Clarke

Displaying me.jpgMy colleague Rebekah passed on news from Doug Clarke. I had known he was an oenophile, but hadn’t known what he’d worked on at Brock, nor that he was now at York pursuing a PhD in Social and Political Thought. Thanks for filling us in, Doug, great to hear from you! Keep in touch.

Doug writes:

When I was asked to write something about myself being one of the first students to ever take the Laurier MA in philosophy I was tempted to turn down the request. You see, I often think myself boring and a little anachronistic. I was reminded, however, by a good friend and professor that I have enough foibles and quirks to draw something together that would prove to be interesting. With such stirring encouragement I am now tempted to write an ode to myself that would rival those of the ancients!

I can clearly remember the experience of the Laurier Philosophy MA. The classes were engaging andchallenging, the administration was welcoming and precise and the professors ranged from serious and astute to jovial and open but all were top in their field. I can proudly say that I am still in contact with
many of my professors and I am lucky to count them among my friends (and encyclopaedic sources of knowledge).

When I left Laurier I spent a year dithering in the world of work while I was certified as a sommelier. I was trained at some of the finest establishments in Toronto and had some success catering and organizing private parties. Although, once an academic, always an academic. I was soon pulled from the world of work back into the world of books. I finished another MA in Social Justice and Equity Studies at Brock working on racism in comic books. While this was a sharp departure from philosophy, as the program was part of Sociology, I always relied on the reasoning and argumentation that I learned in philosophy, and let me tell you just how popular a philosopher is amongst social scientists!! In any case, I guess it worked because I am now doing my Ph.D in Social and Political Thought at York University.

At present my days are spent studying myths and the figure of the monster- I told you at the beginning I am a little anachronistic! There is something so engaging about looking at ancient myths and the way they influenced, and continue to influence, the philosophy and social fabric of a given period. Currently I am tying together the figure of the monster with nature and ancient Greek law. What can I say, I was heavily influenced by my WLU advisor…you know who you are.

So as I come to the end of this short bio, I can see the value in reflecting back on my time at Laurier. It brings me back to a time that was stressful but enjoyable. The rigour and dedication that the department invested in me is now paying off…I think. So while I comb through dusty tomes of law and dustier tomes of myths and legends I can happily relax with a glass of wine (something good and snobby of course!) and toast the long hours and sleepless nights that have gotten me to this place. Thank you Laurier and thank you professors for making me the scholar I am today.

~Douglas Clarke

Great to hear from you Doug. Cheers!


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