MA seminar Fall 2013

This was one of the first meetings this past fall of my MA seminar in epistemology. (There are two women in the seminar, myself being one, but this day several students were absent.) The topic of the seminar is “Epistemic Agency: Responsibility for Ignorance”. In case you are wondering what those light blue books are, we were readingImage George Sher’s Who Knew? Responsibility Without Awareness.

We also read a bunch of papers, and these two books:

Fairly soon, I’m looking forward to reading students’ seminar papers.

If you’d like to know a bit about other MA seminars going on currently, or previously, check the links.  I also hope to blog about some of these seminars soon.


One Comment on “MA seminar Fall 2013”

  1. Such exciting reads! I think I will go and purchase “Epistemic Injustice” right now…

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