Mansour on Nietzsche’s use of language

935 AM MA Conference’s 2nd paper of the day “Nietzsche: A Constrained Use of Language”

Diana Mansour asks: Does Nietzsche leave everything completely open to [all] interpretation(s)? Does he see language as completely open to ‘play,’ or as offering necessary constraints (on use)? DM argues against postmodernist interpreters of N. who tend to read N. in this way, as regarding language as completely untethered.  DM finds such interpretations implausible, and presents her case.

10 AM  Neil Campbell:  Could you elaborate on the view of truth that Nietzsche endorses, and the view of language you describe as Nietzschean, explaining the connection between them?  Davidson thinks metaphors are literally false, but serve a particular function.  Is this akin to the view you attribute to Nietzsche?

Renato Cristi:  In this essay, N. brings together epistemological concepts, but also social and political issues.  What is the connection here?  He seems to be attacking Plato.  There seems to be a dual message, but what is the connection between the political and the epistemological in the points N. makes about language?  Is this a sort of contractarian view of language?

Byron Williston:  Is it really possible that the postmodernists whose interpretations you address here really hold this view you attribute to them?  This seems just silly as an interpretation of Nietzsche’s perspectivism.

Bob Litke: You say N. uses metaphor metaphorically–what does metaphor literally mean and what is it to use metaphor metaphorically?


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