MA Conference Friday May 4th

Our annual  MA conference is happening this Friday.  Promises to be a great day of philosophy, come stop by. Students will be presenting their work-in-progress now that they’ve chosen their topic and advisor for their MRP (major research paper), developed initial ideas in the Winter Term MA Research Seminar, and have written a conference-length (approx. 25 mins) paper. Over the summer, under the mentorship of a faculty advisor, this conference paper will develop into the student’s MRP.  Topics this year include Wittgenstein on following a rule, Nietzsche, Rawls, emergentism in philosophy of mind, pragmatism in environmental ethics, the tragedy of the commons, narrative theories of the self, reparations and justice in philosophy of race. Talks are in SBE 1230, reception afterward in the Faculty Lounge, 5th FL Woods.  Hope to see you there!


One Comment on “MA Conference Friday May 4th”

  1. Philosophy fanatic says:

    I will be there!

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