Spaces still available for Fall 2012!

There is still time to apply to do an MA in the fall.  We have several spaces still available.  Here’s a link to the application information.  You’ll need to fill out the online application, ask 2 profs for letters of reference, submit a writing sample (your best philosophy paper from a course is fine– 8-12 pages is typical, though we do accept samples that are longer, up to 20 pages, or slightly shorter, if you’ve nothing at the suggested length), and write up a statement of your philosophical interests (this is for what’s labelled the Personal Information Form in the Departmental Checklist).

Feel free to contact me with any questions about the application process.   jrusin AT wlu DOT ca     (And be sure to check out the ‘about’ tab above for some more info on the MA.)


One Comment on “Spaces still available for Fall 2012!”

  1. […] and our our Departmental website.  See also the less formal lowdown on how to apply in the blog post below that I wrote in May 2012. Send me an email if you have any […]

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